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Pinia Clay Peat moss Balls, to acquire in our retailer, but you can undertake it yourselves. For this specific purpose you can use peat moss and, naturally , clay rather than peat, you need to use garden mud, but the tennis balls will be substantially worse. The clay may be brown, dreary, red, zero difference. The main you will find. The type of clay surfaces depends on the articles and the amount of oxidation of colloidal allergens of hydrated iron and manganese oxides. It is worthy of to mention the fact that percentage of iron and manganese, i just. e. precisely what is very important within a plant fish tank depends into a greater or perhaps lesser magnitude on the location, e. g. in the UK ratio of manganese is bigger, and most of Europe is certainly dominated simply by iron. Combination until the mass becomes heavy and clear plastic, you can add drinking water or liquids micro chelate if necessary. The ball need to be dried under the sun or over a radiator, you can attempt to heat up it inside the oven then again they can compromise. If we tend not to want it to be able to, we easily use a majority clay, or perhaps only clay surfaces, and you will as well see the results in the current condition of the plants. When put in the csm+b aquarium fertilizer, they can reduce if they are certainly not made effectively and/or roil the water, you can use it when planning an aquarium tank, once or perhaps every 4-5 months. On the next program, we do not yank old golf balls out of the essence because the clay surfaces contained in these people has streaming properties and extracts extra minerals from water providing them with only to the roots on the plant.