Doom Eternal Will Let You Customize

March 10, 2020 Jeremy Green 0
Doom Eternal will allow you to personalize the cosmetics of your Doom Slayer
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

The next episode of the iconic Doom series is Doom Eternal. This next first-person shooter seems to pick up where Doom 2016 left off, but number the action, weapons, and metal music to eleven. This should make fans of this legendary series extremely happy.

Prior to the release of Doom Eternal on March 20, id Software did a remarkable job of pushing the game. We’ve already had extensive gameplay footage, troubleshooting videos from various demonic bosses, and excerpts from the game. ‘history. So far, Doom Eternal looks like one of the best games of 2020.

A new trailer has just been released which shows a little more cosmetics than you can equip for your Doom Slayer. The trailer shows all kinds of traded skins. Some have vibrant colors like purples and blues while others have a more refined feel. Doom Eternal Will Let You Customize Your Doom Slayer’s Cosmetics

Cosmetic customization has always been something missing from previous Doom installments, so it’s great that the developer recognizes the need for additional customization. This should make Doom Eternal a more personal experience for players as they fight against the demonic forces to save humanity.

The trailer ends with a

unicorn skin. You can dress your Doom Slayer creature in a pink and white unicorn costume if you link your Twitch Prime account to your account. This is something that many fans probably did not expect in a Doom game, but these costume choices instantly give the series a new layer which should provide fun experiences.

All skin choices sound good, but how are players going to get them? The developer hasn’t gone into details yet, but it would make sense for them to follow the path of microtransactions. If they do, I hope the skins are still reasonably priced.