Has Tamar Braxton On Her And Shekinah

Tiny Harris and Shekinah Anderson went to live for the show they have together. Tiny shared a video of what went down and you can see that Tamar Braxton was also on the line. Watch the crazy video Tiny shared on her social media account here. ‘The Tiny Jo Show – The first night goes live with our ppl, and our little girl @tamarbraxton gets started while we discuss a wonderful topic … Would you be ok if a good friend of yours is one of your ex dating. How would you feel? Will you be right? Tune in and subscribe to our YouTube “The Tiny Jo Show” 👑💋🙌🏽🤬 #TheTinyJoShow # Entertainment #NewShow #Podcast #BestFriends #Laughter #Quarantine, ”Tiny captioned her post.Tiny Harris Has Tamar Braxton On Her And Shekinah Anderson’s Live Video And Things Go Crazy – Check Out The VideoSomeone else said, “That’s why I love you … you never leave your friend, regardless of #friendly girlfriends,” and another follower posted: “Not if I still love him and she will know if I still do it! But my bestie didn’t want it, I touched and vice versa! We have a big ego and are loyal! “One commenter said, ‘You would have been better off if you didn’t have tea in the shade,’ and a fan wrote: ‘You should have continued to brand Corona as well. It was a good one. “A fan wrote: ‘I loved Shekinah until she got Love and Hip Hop,’ and another follower posted this message:” I just luv @ majorgirl always pay attention to her friends and post it on AL them. #truefriend. ‘ One commenter said: ‘I agree with Tamar. I don’t see what it was like for you to date @kandi with your ex or why she wants to either. “Someone else criticized Tiny and said, ‘@majorgirl you contradict yourself with this topic sis