KUWK: Tristan Thompson Flirts With Khloe

seems like no matter how many raised eyebrows and eyelids he gets from Kardashian fans every time he flirts with ex and little mom Khloe Kardashian on social media, Tristan Thompson is just too desperate to convince her to stop. That being said, after the KUWK star shared a new photo of her showing her hard abs, the basketball player left her with another thirsty comment.

Khloe was at the gym, working hard on her physical fitness, something that really shows and that Tristan apparently felt like he should recognize!

This also comes after a recent insider report claiming that Tristan is even more affectionate with Khloe himself, as he wants nothing more than to get back together.
KUWK: Tristan Thompson Flirts With Khloe Kardashian Again After She Shows Off Her Enviable Abs!
Meanwhile, while Khloe’s heart has softened by watching how awesome he is with their daughter, it is true that she does not seem to want to give the man another chance after having betrayed her twice !

As for the compliment he left on Khloe’s new mirror selfie, it reads: “ No days off ” which also includes a number of emoticons, including kissing hearts, eyes – heart and red heart. – So much love!

Khloe wore a pink sports bra, a gray zip-up hoodie, and matching high-waisted leggings.
An insider previously shared via HollywoodLife that “ Tristan’s Instagram compliments are exactly what the world sees. In real life, he is stronger than that. He sends her flowers all the time. His house is rem