Rihanna And Hassan Jameel Reportedly

Rihanna and Hassan Jameel seemed really happy and in love and yet, after three years of dating, the two separated! Now an insider claims to know why!

Rihanna And Hassan Jameel Reportedly Broke Up Because Of Pressure From His Family – Details! In the end, Rihanna’s mad fame could have been a little too much for Hassan!

The same can be said about family members who really wanted him to have a little more normalcy in his life, something not really possible when dating someone like Rihanna!

The insider tells HollywoodLife that “ Rihanna and Hassan really love each other, but Hassan had problems with Rihanna’s image due to the pressure on him to have a more traditional and reserved relationship. He felt it from his family, who thinks Rihanna is incredibly beautiful, but they also wanted her to be more docile, reserved and wise.

The singer and businesswoman has been linked to many famous men over the years, including Chris Brown and Drake!

However, his romance with Hassan was completely different from his previous ones.

Since they were first seen together in the summer of 2017, the couple travel the world together while continuing to gain more and more success.

Despite the fact that they are both busy, they rarely spend time away from each other.

In addition, the separation was very difficult for the two of them, despite the fact that Rihanna was seen with her ex, Drake at the beginning of the month.

“Separation is not something that one or the other really wanted, however, their relationship was getting difficult,” they said.

As for the alleged reason why they had to separate, the insider pointed out that Rihanna had no intention of changing her image, which also has to do a lot with her line of work, for anyone, whether a man she loves or his family.
‚ÄúRihanna cannot because of her career which requires a certain image. Rihanna will always be true to herself, ” the source told the media.