T.I. Shares Some Words Of Wisdom With His Fans

TI shared some interesting articles on his social media account. These were highly appreciated by his followers, and you can also check out his articles below.

“I don’t know who needs to see this but … No matter the size or deity of the ship, it will NEVER disrupt the flow of the tide. #BeTheTideNotTheShip, ‘Tip subtitled his first post.

Someone said, “People are looking for validation from people who aren’t even valid,” and another follower posted this, “But maybe this person isn’t looking for approval? Maybe you are looking for love? Something to think about.

T.I. Shares Some Words Of Wisdom With His Fans Tip shared another post which you can see below:

One commentator wrote, “Be thankful for the storm. God fights the hardest battles to the strongest soldiers. Don’t complain, testify.

Someone else said, “ Stop worrying about what you don’t have and be thankful for what you have, ” and another follower also agreed with Tip: “ Amen & Big Facts ! I keep trying to get this through my daughters’ heads !! ‘

Another Tip subscriber said, “There is nothing that can make you happy. Happiness is when you are in a good mood, and NOBODY is always in a good mood.

In other news, it was revealed the other day that Tip and Tiny had just seen the movie “ Bad Boys For Life ”, and the rapper shared a few photos on his social media account just to keep the fans up to date. People have noticed that he has a new piercing.

Tiny and Tip have been called a powerful couple by many of their fans, despite the haters who have said that they should not be considered an example, especially after various unpleasant episodes that have occurred between them.
But Tiny and TI don’t care, and they continue to live their best lives with their families.