You Can Add A Final Fantasy 7 Remake Background

With the spread of COVID-19, businesses had to rely on telecommunications everywhere. Thousands of employees around the world work from home. When teams meet regularly during social gatherings, many of them use Zoom, a video conferencing tool. Now Square Enix is ​​helping you improve your zoom conference with free wallpapers of Final Fantasy VII Remake. “Unfortunately, some homes are providing boring backdrops,” Square said on the official Square Enix Blog. ‘We’re talking with lots of white walls and beige bedrooms. Then why not add a little flair to your video calls with a custom background? We’ve created some free wallpapers to use on Zoom based on the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake.You Can Add A Final Fantasy 7 Remake Background To Your Next Zoom Video Conference For Free It covers many of the game’s iconic locations, such as the glittering wall market or Tifa’s bar, Seventh Heaven (unfortunately, you can’t play a quick dart party). ‘In addition to the wallpapers displaying classic locations of Final Fantasy VII, Square has also set up some character backgrounds. You have backgrounds with Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith and even Sephiroth. This is not the only service Square has done for its fans regarding the outbreak of COVID-19. Final Fantasy VII has been on a release date for April 10. However, the outbreak of this pandemic has questioned whether retailers will get their consignments out of the game in time. Not to mention everyone who pre-ordered the game through the online store Square Enix.